Insomnia (5:55 AM)

This piece is dedicated to all the nervous, sleepless nights I have endured. We’ve all been there. Sleep is an escape from all of life’s anxieties.  So tell, me what is one to do when they are unable to sleep? Thank God someone invented sleeping pills, huh?


sing me to sleep,

or else I won’t rest.

Counting sheep doesn’t work


this mind’s been too

busy to count,

these thoughts are too

chaotic for order.

These lids are heavy,

but they refuse to shut,

and every time I begin to fall,

I am jolted awake by the sound

of my heart palpitating

against my ribs.

I accept that fact that

I will be up before

my alarm clock goes off

at six AM.

It is already 5:55.

It’s been 32 hours since I last slept.


Swollen eyes stare up at the ceiling,


I think I’ll call in sick


Skull pounding, legs shaking,

I tiptoe to the kitchen,

open the medicine cabinet,

 and reach out–

mama always keeps

the good stuff on the top shelf.

I pop the lid,

lay you in my palm.

I stare down

at you, liquid-blue.

And I can hear

you humming.

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