Halloween Hungers

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Let go, be afraid. You all taste so much better when you’re afraid.


Hallow’s Eve, time to leave, in search of sugary treats.

Costume on, Skulls I dawn, to hit the evening streets.

Door to door, legs grow sore, as I candy I did find;

Yet house, rundown, thrown upside down was my youthful mind.

Pace up to the steps, knock, knock, knock, hoping for a snack.

Decor galore! of joke and gore, that decorated the shack.

Creak of wood, and there he stood, in the cracked door frame,

A creature of night, skin  undead white, putting my costume to shame.

“Trick or Treat,” I said to greet, the devilish man before me.

“Come in, come in!” he said with a grin, “Come in, I implore thee.”

Reluctant was I, yet did comply, the greed for sweets too great,

To wake up my mind, my thoughts confined, t’was already too late.

Large pants, like implants, suspenders on a shirt,

Red nose, hair rose, puffed like a skirt.

Teeth sharp, his voice a harp, from his face arose,

The classic sphere, full of cheer: a red ball on his nose.

“Candy, boy? Is that your ploy? Come with me, your reward

is in this room, yours to consume, just walk forward.”

So as I paced, my heart did race; I came across a cellar.

Prompted was I, to head inside, by the house’s dweller.

“Just ahead, there’s nothing to dread, the candy’s just right there!”

Step by step,  without pep, I descended down the stairs.

“Gummies, yummies, for young tummies, Smarties just for you!”


“Of course, as for myself,  my meal’s a bit overdue.”

Behind me, the hatch, I heard it latch, as darkness all around

Was filled with the pace, of a clown in chase, of the boy he found.

The darkness hid the beast amid the blindness of my eyes

As all I heard, a noise absurd, the sharpening of knives.

His voice changed, became deranged, suddenly very gruff.

Undead, demonic, a smoker that’s chronic, shouted out, “Enough!

It’s been so long since I’ve come along meat I can gnaw.

My stomach calls, my skin crawls, maybe I’ll just eat you raw!”

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