What was “safe?”

There was nothing safe about this place.

I was being discriminated because of my culture and faith.

Now tell me do you still think that me staying here is safe?

They mock us when we fall and struggle to get back up again.

laugh at us trying to survive.

spit at us when we beg for mercy.

scream at us when we cry our hearts out.

abuse us for simply breathing!

I have not seen mama and papa in 2…3… wait no 5 months.

I haven’t seen my baby sister in god knows how long!

They said they would keep me “safe” when they separated me from my family!

-I’m only 11 years old.

They said they would keep me “safe” when they put me in this place,

-which felt no different than a cage.

They said they would keep me “safe” even after they tattooed these numbers on my arm.

-I was in pain.

Why didn’t they understand “I DID NOT FEEL SAFE?”

I can not sleep

I barely eat

And I feel as if I’m now forbidden to breathe.

So someone please I’m begging you take me someplace safe.