Little Sister

Dear little sister;

I hope this isn’t the end for your hope. I know right now you are not so happy, you’re holding onto this line of truth so hard your fingers might shatter, and your body give way to the merciless current bellow.

Little sister I know your dreams are broken. You were deceived by the line we call the horizon, tricked to believe the things we can’t calculate instead of the things we can. But in spite of the fragments of dreams I hope you still find something to embrace.

My dearest sister I wish for you the gift of knowing where your own knowing ends. That you will one day be able to marry your ideals with the truth. I wish for you the mercury sight to see your deepest desires through a fog the rest of us know as doubt. I wish you might one day blur the line between your wishes and reality, letting the two overlap and inspire each other to become one.

My little sister, I know people are scary. And I know some of them have big mouths and sharp teeth that could destroy you in minutes. But I also know how deeply you feel the need to be with them. I wish one day you will find the courage to walk up to them with flashing lighthouses and no more fear in your voice.

My sister I wish for you the things I can no longer wish for myself. A desire to stay undeceived. An ability to know where not to be and when. The gift of being able to gracefully accept not knowing the answer to a question. The blessing of having something to hold onto no matter how bad things get. The opportunity to see the oceans in the depth most can’t begin to comprehend. A thirst for knowing what is beyond our planets.

My little sister. I wish for you the final knowledge that no matter what you do or how far away you push me, I will always be here for you. I will always love you. And I know right now you might not believe me. Those people are scary. I know they haunt your dreams and hide in the shadows of your closet, but they won’t always be there. I won’t always have to wake you up when you’re screaming in the middle of the night, sitting with you till morning. Maybe we learn how to deal with our demons, or maybe they just get tired and leave, but I promise they will go away.

My amazing little sister. Please don’t lose the light in your eyes. Make new dreams. Find something to hold onto in order to keep safe from the rapids below.


Your sister