I’m From

Bloody Ladybird Rose By Anonymous


Emulated from Where I’m From By George Ella Lyon

I’m from a land of shadows and gloom

Blood splattered walls and shattered sanity

I’m from a place of unknown struggles and cries of pain

I’m from a darkened mind which begs to be understood;

Forever trying to reason with others but always failing to do so

Beaten memories and broken dreams line the walls of a carnival fueled by my ideas.

Entrails coat the crumbling walls like blood dipped streamers

caused from a past birthday party of mine, in which no one showed

Tossing about the brittle bones of victims,

which are taken forcefully by my slender hands

Long winter nights filled with my silent screams fading into the endless void, never to be heard

I’m from blistering flames of envy and fear

I’m from the shambles of love and death, equally balanced on the scale of my life

Busted blood clots and soft, pink cotton candy dreams violently interject each other within my mind

causing mental hurricanes which leave my head in ruins and tears upon my cheeks, burning into the skin like acid

I’m from a normal family- unlike me

The odd one out

Always the freak that spends her time alone

Writing about the suffering of herself and others

and never telling anyone about her pain

They would never understand me; I was always aware of that fact

I am the weird one in every group

No one wants to talk to me unless they have to

She is a blank face that hides so much emotion

I’m from a realm of unrequited love

Always a crush

and never anything more

One day I will understand that I will always and forever be alone, as I should be…

If it is true that I am crazy

I will be my crazy self with pride

Nothing can change me