About me: Safiya

Source: http://favim.com/source/unwavering-hope.tumblr.com/
Source: http://favim.com/source/unwavering-hope.tumblr.com/

There was a girl who could still remember so much of her childhood but the quantity came from the quality of these memories as there were only a few.

There was a girl who aspired to be Prime Minister of Canada, when she was young. Oh how things have changed today.

There was a girl who doesn’t remember any moments of unhappiness but only many giggles and smiles. A girl who had the world at her feet, who skipped and sprinted through it as if there will never be  a unseen block along her path ready to throw her off her feet.

There was a girl who had an idea of who she wanted be and how she was going to get there because to her it was just another puzzle piece to place correctly in here her life.

There is a young lady who learned that her puzzle was not only missing pieces but also had a few that belonged to a different puzzle entirely.

There is young lady who has moments of her dream future flash in front of her eyes as if she is really living it and just reliving a past memory. As if it were really that easy.

There is a young lady who as she awakens from these wonderful dreams she falls into bottomless pits of emotions she does not feel worthy of feeling. A  young lady who knows her life is great, who has never had to go a day without food or roof over her head yet these unwanted feelings still find a way to invade her mind.

There is a young lady who doesn’t always feel like this. A lady who sometimes has to force herself to see the good and one who can occasionally find it as is she has always had the key and map needed for the treasure chest filled with  what should be a luxury of her life.

There is a young lady who is slowly finding the pieces of the puzzle that fit together to form her life and discarding those that do not belong. This young lady knows that time is the best medicine and holds on to the idea that things will get better to help her get through life day by day.

There will be a women who has maybe completed most of her puzzle or is content with what she has so far.

There will be a women who is living her dream or a life that comes as close as possible to it as possible.

There will be a women who won’t need a map and key to tell her where her treasure is but one who will see it everywhere she goes. A women who is absolutely fine with where she stands in her life and is ready to own it.  Whether it throws rainbows or storms she will find a way through it because this is her one life not to waste.

And if you haven’t figured out yet this girl who grew to a young lady and is finding who she is as a women is me, Safiya .

About Me

Asking me to write about myself is distasteful, but lucky for me I am rather good at it if I do say so myself. For instance, I read about an hour every day and despite having forgotten about writing this for some time now, I will have you know that it simply adds to the point I would like to make. Let’s face it, I am a forgetful person who often finds himself zoning out in class, and it does not help that few people notice. In that time I would like to tell you that I simply contemplate the philosophies of life, but that is hardly the case in most instances. In reality I actually am drifting off to some far off world within my imagination.

This may sound strange to some, but I find that my imagination often makes more sense that reality, or to put it more simply the whole world gives me the impression that it has developed excessive brain damage. People like to think that a petty thing like “their story” is essential for expressing themselves and maintaining a sense of identity, but I happen to think that is a load of rubbish. It is simply a lie people tell themselves full of the most admirable things they’ve done, deliberately leaving out all of their flaws. I find that in order to truly express yourself one needs to be honest in the image they put out to others. That is why although I may seem entirely sane, I cannot say I am; there is a very fine line between genius and madness. I admit wholeheartedly that I am more on the mad side.

When others put forth their expectations and opinions, it seems easiest to fit in by simply trying to meet those expectations, but that is not how I would seek to gain approval. The key to gaining acceptance from others is by holding nothing back from them, then and only then is it possible to find true friends. Anyone can pretend to be something they’re not, but it takes true strength to be utterly self-conscious and real to who you are. That is why if I am to remain honest, I must again admit that I am a complete madman.

            Throughout the years I have found it exceedingly frustrating to try and explain who I am to others, and I am not about to start now. It has been nice writing complete and utter BS for you. Whether it really is, is up to you though.