Beauty Visits Once A Year

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“Beauty! Beauty! I’m so glad you are finally here! Come in, come in! You need to help me get ready.”

“What do you need, my dear?”

“Oh, how I need you! I haven’t seen you in over a year and I’m afraid I’m losing my sense of perfection. Help me get ready, there is a man I must have for my own.”

“A man!?”

“Oh yes! You see, there is this insolent girl who keeps talking and obsessing over him, I swear! I believe it’s his sister? No matter! With you beauty, he will be mine.”

“…I think I know why I only come once a year.”

“Beauty! What do you tell me?”

“Your body holds enough beauty as it is, my dear… Too much perhaps! It is getting to your head – look at the facts and change your act for beauty starts from within.”


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Pick Your Poison

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One step, two, three, four….

Two step, three, four…

Three step..


The sound of her heels on the concrete sidewalk echo within her empty heart, as her eyes train to the ground beneath her feet. She follows the path of yesterday’s rain puddles, cautiously stepping into the water. It rids herself the burden of seeing her own reflection.

Shame, hatred and annoyance bundle into one, constantly reminding her of all that went wrong. She was his poison, and he was her antidote. He could heal her with a few simple words, but she could kill him any second they were together… And she did. Emotions rain down within her as moisture prickles on her face. She stops.

Raising her fingers towards her eyes, she sighs.

Before she can wipe away the tears, the sound of soft rain surrounds her. She raises her eyes up towards the sky; however, her eyelids begin to flutter as little droplets mix with the salty tears. It continues on a slow descent of masking her pain – or at least attempting to. The rain begins to pour.

The woman moves her hands towards her bag and, with a snap, an ivory blue umbrella extends above. As her eyes focus on the concrete, she begins to walk again. It feels like an eternity of pain.

Although it isn’t long before, as she ponders what else could possibly go wrong in her life, two feet stop her in her tracks. She blinks while her eyes lazily travel up towards the anonymous person.

Their eyes meet.

His face drips with endless amounts of rain and he is breathing heavily, as if from running for a long distance. Emotions swirl and clash as a final tear slips out of her right eye; instantly, it camouflages with a single drop of rain.

The umbrella slips from her wet fingers, clattering to the ground.

Rain beats down on the two while her lips begin to form words…

Then she says the only question that is constantly running through her mind, and it is, “Tom, why are you still here?”


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