This is what I’ve been dreading

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Laurie Halse Anderson Writer’s Seminar
Emulation from “Speak”
→ “This is what I’ve been dreading”

I close my eyes.
This is what I’ve been dreading.
That you will find out the truth,
I didn’t mean to hide anything,
Not from you at least,
But I was so scared,
I didn’t know how to talk about it.

I know that you’re hurt,
And I don’t know how to comfort you.
I want to rub your back,
Hold you tight while you sob
And tell you that everything will be alright
But I don’t expect anything to get better, though.

I’ve ruined everything,
Your love and your trust.
It is now you again, telling me it’s not the end
“Everything will be alright in the end” you say
Oh, I’m so grateful
What did I do to deserve you?

You’re a blessing, my love
And I will make sure to
protect you, nurture you
And love you forever.

I’m never going to let you go,
I’m never going to mess this up.

“I love you” I whisper
And slowly open my eyes
To see my reflection in yours.


This piece was my emulation from my writing seminar on Laurie Halse Anderson. The lines: “I close my eyes. This is what I’ve been dreading.” are from the book called Speak by Anderson. These lines can be found in chapter 1 on page 3.