The Two of Us

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Author’s Note: I’ve been seeing all of these quotes and such talking about how heart over head or vice versa is the better path to take. However, I’m rather fed up with seeing all of these graphics, quotes, etc saying that, because I really think that the whole situation is subjective. If someone prefers making decisions according to their emotions, then it’s their choice, and if someone is more driven by logic, then it’s their choice, and there really is no need to bash a person for thinking that way.
Because of that, I more or less started writing out conversations between two very different people. One, a girl who is highly logical and driven by reason, and another, a boy who is highly passionate and emotionally charged. I wrote this because I wanted to point out how different people can be happy living a lifestyle that may be the idea of ‘bad’ to someone else. I’m kind of sick of people saying that everyone should value passion over logic or vice versa, because if everyone really did think the same way, our world would be a terrible place.
This piece isn’t meant to be romantic in any way, the two characters are just the opposite gender to help differentiate them from one another.

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