Her Light

My heart fills with joy every time I see her,

I feel my heart rapidly beating

It’s as if it wants to be hers, and only hers,

My heart lives for her.

So, why does my mind not?

It constantly forced me to second guess my instincts

It makes me regret the things I didn’t do.

Why must I have a mind that lives in darkness?

Soon enough it lets this beautiful light

slip out of my hands.

My heart overpowers my mind for a moment

I ask her as she begins to walk away,

“Am I yours?”

she turns around looking me in the eyes

staring in silence no words are heard,

nor will they ever be.

she turns back around and leaves just as fast as she came,

the light my heart lived for was no longer present.

so, why?

Why do I still long for her?

My heart is again encased in darkness

It doesn’t beat for anyone anymore

So, why must it continue to beat so fast?

I feel it continuously bang itself against my lungs,

Whenever I talk to others, I like, it suffocates me

I’m unable to speak as it punches the air out of me.

I wonder how foolish my heart can be

How is it possible that it remembers her light?

Why hasn’t it gotten over her light?

Why does it only accept her light?

Some days I’ll follow my heart to see where it guides me,

I lay down and listen to its rhythm, its song,

I shut off my mind

Letting my heart take control of me completely,

Often, I find myself sprinting into the depths darkness.

With every step taken I find myself immersed in a darker shadow

Why do I run? I wonder.

Alone I run in a space full of darkness.

I begin to see a small, bright light in the distance

It was her who shone a light into the cave I call my heart.

Her eyes pieced through the pitch-black darkness

Her aura soon covered it with the warmth of the sun

I sprinted towards her,

But after what seemed like months

I never got closer.

Her eyes are embedded into my hearts mind

It was the last wonder it saw of her.

I stay engulfed in darkness

I stay chasing a dream

But no matter what,

I’ll never reach her.

picture  –  http://onejourneyatatime.com/site/post/Ecuador-8.aspx